API-661 Air Cooled Exchangers 

TEK-FINS INCORPORATED is the leading engineering design & manufacturer of the largest air cooled heat exchangers to ship assembled in North America & Canada today.  

We proudly serve these industry groups: 

  • Natural Gas Pipelines

  • Natural Gas Processing Plants

  • Oil Refineries & Chemical Plants

  • Power Generation - Auxiliary Cooling

  • LNG Plants

Our business model is driven with a concentrated focus to supply the highest quality air cooled heat exchangers, shipped on-time.

We have the capability to effectively produce air cooled exchangers for your projects from those requiring a single bay to your large 

multi-bay projects, our specialty.

Our manufacturing facility includes well experienced personnel and has a lean design build concept to provide you the highest quality ACHE at

a competitive price point. 

Air Exchanger Sales

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Spare Parts Sales
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