Extruded Finning

We produce the highest fin quality extruded tubes with 1/2" and 5/8" high fins at 10 fins per inch using stainless, aluminum,

and alloy tubes. Our extrusion tube is aluminum 1060F.  Customer service is our number one priority and we regularly satisfy

your most demanding schedules.


Extruded finned tubes provide superior external corrosion protection compared to other conventional fin types and are designed for operating temperatures less than 600°F. 


We custom manufacture each order to meet your specifications for each job, providing the most common extruded finning sizes and lengths for the industry.  TEK-FINS has been in the commercial tube finning industry for over 30 years and provides the highest quality fin tubes available in the market today. 


We can fin tubes that your company provides, or we will provide tubes, if preferred.



1" - 1.25" - 1.50"  diameter tubes

Lengths of up to 60'

Finning with Aluminum 1060-F

10 fins per inch

Fin Height:  0.625  and .50 (hgt in decimal inches)

strip back:  up to 3" off each end of tube

We can supply the following options:

  • zinc collars at tube ends or support locations

  • copon coating of the finned tubes

  • complete crating for domestic or export

Finned Tube Requests

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